• Pooja Salian

Why is diversity in hiring paramount

What is diversity in hiring? Diversity can be classified majorly into two types – diversity, which is characteristic, and diversity, which is attained.

Characteristic diversity is inherent and which one is born with – demographics like sex, age, colour, ethnicity, etc.

Attained diversity is acquired through, skills, education and experience.

So as a hiring manager what are the merits or advantages of continuously seeking a diverse talent workforce? Below mentioned are a few:

Enhances the company culture

Having a diverse workforce enhances the culture of the company, making it more diverse and inclusive. It helps maintain a balance and provides a rich experience and exposure for people working in such an environment

· Improves problem solving

A diverse workforce will be more effective at problem solving simply because of having multiple ideas and approaches towards the same problem

Increases team productivity

Having a diverse workforce means enhanced tolerance, more focus on the task and constant need to do better and be better. It is known to enhance the productivity and in turn profitability of a business

Promotes innovative culture

Having a lot of different perspectives and ideas coming from people with diverse backgrounds helps in enhancing creativity and promotes an innovative culture within the organisation

Improves brand reputation

Lastly having a diverse workforce is good for your brand image and overall reputation of your organization. You always want to be known as an employer who encourages diversity and diverse hiring.

Now that we understand and appreciate the need for practicing diversity in hiring, let us look at how to be successful at inclusive / diversity as a hiring manager –

· Firstly, audit where you stand as an organization in terms of your workforce spread and assess the gaps that you could look at filling. Next, arrive at quantifiable ad achievable metrics to increase and promote diversity. Eg. You could look at certain key leadership positions and quantify an objective of increasing women employees in these positons by 50% over the next year.

· Ensure that everyone in the organization is speaking the same language. Encourage your senior leadership and important stakeholders to buy in on your defined objectives. Hold them accountable to put these into practice

· Ensure that the organization is portrayed as one that encourages inclusion and diversity – through careful motoring of brand communication across all traditional and digital media platforms. This is important to build the public perception about the brand and attract diverse talent into the organization.

· Implement and practice what you preach, ensure all your organization’s practices and policies help in nurturing that diversity – whether it is flexible working hours, accommodating religious holidays, special benefits for women employees, etc.

· Send out powerful brand messaging through advertisements, website, photographs, employee testimonials and reviews. All this helps strengthen your perception as a diverse employer in the market.

· Have an active referral program. Employee referrals from a diverse workforce will automatically ensure you attract diverse talent to your organization.

· With respect to the hiring process specifically keep the following pointers in mind:

- Ensure that the job vacancy advertisements encourage diversity and do not ask for any age or gender specific information, etc.;

- While sharing candidate profiles internally, ensure that certain distinguishing information like age, gender, religion, race, etc. is blanked out to discourage any judgmental approach towards evaluation;

- Circulate a set of clear instructions and guidelines to all hiring stakeholders involved to ensure every candidate has a consistent, comfortable and fair and equitable experience through the hiring process

- Nowadays you also have the option of AI tools which help you meet your diversity hiring metrics by narrowing down the database, and shortlisting the eligible pool basis certain criteria that you have defined for every role. Try to employ technology to aid your hiring objectives

Diversity and inclusive hiring is a strategy that you can look at perfecting through practice over a period. You may fine tune or change your strategy and approach as you become more experienced in the game. Lastly hiring and retention work hand in hand towards building an organization’s culture. Ensuring you implement policies and measures to retain the talent that you have hired is equally important.

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